Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten Year Anniversary

I don't remember the exact date I left Japan, but I quit all of my live radio shows in December of 2003 and I did one last gig on New Year's Eve of that year. I still had a few obligations in Tokyo and I continued to do specials on radio and tv for the next several years, but my days of being trapped in Tokyo because of regular radio and television shows was over.

A few days of wrapping things up and I was off to the Philippines where Big Dog and I began our Post-Japan Adventures.
Us dogs at play!

Land of Spectacular Sunsets

Wish this was our house...

That was ten years and many adventures ago.

To commemorate our ten years of freedom, what do the Dogs do? Buy an RV! And not just any RV but one on eBay that we have never really seen, been inside or driven; one that is in Chicago, THE coldest place on the planet right now. And we're going to drive it through the ice and snow… "from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow… our only goal will be the western shore… aaaaaaaaaaah - ah!" (Better pack that Led Zeppelin CD…)



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