Monday, April 14, 2008

Up & Down

Things that make me proud:

We are getting to be veteran road warriors.
Packing up our lives is easier all the time. We know what the essentials are, and that life will continue even if we don't have that potato masher (but I do!) or that rolling pin (I opted not to pack it.) Packing up for 2 months is cake.

I'm getting used to our minimalist lives.
We had dinner last night at Horse Girl and her mother's new place just a ways into the valley from us. They have real furniture and appliances, place settings and pets. In other words, everything that makes a house a home. When we returned to the ranch after they had moved out of our house, we both thought, wow, this place is barren. But you know, it's not bad. I actually LIKE not having my life cluttered with all the little things that everyone seems to have. I actually LIKE living in a zen monastery! I look outside and it is crazy with variety and color and species and I think, why do I need to fill my life with more man-made things?

I am further on the road to Satori.
Grasping onto the ephemeral is Bad.

Things that make me sad:

Not having continuity.
Nature is all about continuity. There's something ridiculous about planting anything when you aren't going to be there for its life cycle.

Living without much of a social base.
When your work is media-related, your social base is huge. I've turned around 180 degrees. My work now is completely solitary and I have no one but myself to talk to. (OK, Big Dog is usually around, but he's not very interested in what I have to say anyway, preferring the announcers on public radio.)

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