Thursday, April 10, 2008

Colossal Land

It's true.
California is a miracle-magical-wonderland.
"Just add water, watch it grow," I used to laugh, but it's no joke.
We're back at the ranch, after a rather rainy winter and everything is colossal size!
California poppies the size of baseballs. Roses the size of grapefruit.

Remember the baby turkeys from last summer? They are giant, strutting beasts now. If you could harness them, you could ride the two huge toms.

I wish you could see it all. Unfortunately, my digital camera finally died.
(And we have good old 28000 baud rate dial up for internet connections.
"This is like 1978!" muttered Big Dog in frustration yesterday.
"Uhhh, we were still using telexes in 1978...")

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