Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Memories Floating Up From Insomniaville

I had an outrageous pair of black vinyl stockings when I was 13 or so. You wore them with black leather shoes and they looked like thigh-high boots. I saw them in a Tokyo department store and wanted them more than anything, but they were a bit extravagant for a junior high schooler. I kept thinking about them, though, and finally decided that if I didn't get them then, I would never find anything like them, ever, and justified the purchase.

They were shiny, crushed-vinyl stockings and had a patent leather-ish belt where the stockings hit your thigh and they looked absolutely fab. But to my disappointment, I found that you could not bend your knees very well in these stockings and they made you walk around stiff-legged. I probably wore them once. They were very impractical. I don't know where they went, but I wish I had them today. What a cool piece of late-60s/early-70s fashion!

I suddenly remembered them last night, as I struggled to get to sleep. It bummed me out that they were gone.

Oh, and another thing that continues to bum me out. I lost all of my "bookmarks" from my browser when my laptop got stolen. I've been able to re-locate most of my favorite blog sites, but there's one by a guy who moved to the country, is building his own home. Aargh, I can't remember the name of his blog! It had the most wonderful bird photos. If you are reading this...or you know who I'm talking about...can you leave me the URL? I really miss that site.



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