Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Foiled Again

Maybe I've been bitching too much about air travel and it's tarnished my flying karma. We were foiled again. This time, it's the storm that's stretched from Texas to Maine. All flights to Houston were either severely delayed or canceled yesterday and we had to fly through Texas to get to Miami.

None of our choices sounded very good.
1) Fly to Houston whenever and spend the night in the airport until the first available flight to Miami the next morning. The airline wouldn't put us up because the mess is caused by weather and the ground crew warned us that we might not find any place outside the airport to stay because of the already-stranded thousands.
2) Take a red-eye to Houston and then spend hours in the airport waiting for the flight to Miami.
3) One of us get to Miami one day late.
4) Both of us get to Miami two days late.

We went for Option Four. An extra trip back to the LA condo with our luggage, but minimal time in an airport named after the 41st President of the US of A.



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