Thursday, March 06, 2008

Miss List

I haven't even left Mexico and I am already listing other things I will miss:

- The periwinkle sky. It's somehow more colorful than up north!
- The noise. Military drills, dogs, cats, construction, vendors, PR trucks, music, engines, birds... West LA sounds totally dead after Mexico. So dead, it send me into a spiral of depression. I'm going to have to hang out in East LA! But the music will be different.....
- The freedom. You think the rest of the world envies the US for its freedoms? Ha! Are you kidding? Mexicans are free in a way that the Americans have not known for decades. Maybe never. Try driving a pickup with your extended family in the back, for example. Or build a pyrotechnic erector set tower in front of YOUR church and set off rockets every night for a week. Or have your 12 year old work at your restaurant while your 10 year old is caring for your 8 year old. Or simply stroll down the beach with a beer in your hand.
- Buying real food at real stores. Greengrocers for fruit and veggies. Butchers for meat. Fishmongers for seafood. Tortilla shops for tortillas. Et cetera. Take a container to the local restaurants and get some chile rellenos to go.
- I've already gone on and on about the fish, but they have lovely produce as well. Not a giant variety, but almost all of it is local and delicious. It's as good as what you'd find at a farmers' market up north, except cheaper.
- The People!! I love the simple, content, beautiful people of this village. I love how they are friendly without being too familiar.
- The Sometimes Bizarre Non-Mexicans who can be all too familiar without being very friendly. (The man who came to our house a dozen times insisting we let him use our internet connection comes to mind immediately. "There are several internet cafes in town," I told him but all he had to say was "Their connection speed isn't very good." And then there was the mother-son party crashing tag team. They came to a dinner we were having with friends, ate most of the food, drank bucketfuls of Miss J's tequila but ignored us henceforth!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have touched on the paradox of freedom. To enforce it, you have to regulate the shit out of it. Leave it alone and it thrives naturally but with human flaws. What to do? what to do? I know, lets cover our legal asses and regulate the shit out of it.
by the way, what is a URL?. Thats why I choose anonymous

5:43 AM  
Blogger bad-dog said...

Yes, it's a dilemma. I prefer to leave it alone with all of its human flaws...but then you see some truly horrific things taking place and then what? We didn't use to sue for frivolous reasons...what happened?

The URL is so you can advertise your web site. If you want. Either way, thanks for the comment!!

6:36 PM  

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