Saturday, October 13, 2007


A night in LA and then north to The Ranch for a brief layover.

It's Harvest Season at The Ranch. Our communal vegetable garden is a jungle of produce: kale, the last of the summer squash, white and purple eggplants, serano chilis, runner beans, peas, winter squash and tomatoes galore! Big fat heirlooms, teensy tiny cherry toms so sweet they could be dessert, juicy egg-shaped romas…

I love tomatoes. They are my all time favorite fruit. And vegetable. They are so sexy. I used to write erotic poems about tomatoes. (I was going to share some with you but I can't find them right now, so you'll have to wait.) And I could eat them forever. I would have been quite happy staying at the ranch, picking, eating, canning the luscious fruit, but we have to leave tomorrow for Redwood Country. I've gotten so good at letting go, never holding on -- to anything -- so saying goodbye to all these beautiful tomatoes at their peak induced only the faintest puff of a sigh.


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