Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And now I'm back...

...in Tokyo. It's wet but I like the way the rain sleeks down the green. Summer is so, so, awesomely green here. From the sky, the area around the airport looks like a giant moss garden.

Somebody was really farty on the flight back to Tokyo from Paris. Other than that, an uneventful flight. Most of the time, there was a glaring sun right outside the window, so the shades had to be drawn. Most adults want aisle seats but I am such a kid that given the chance, I'll happily opt for a window seat. I love looking at my home -- the earth -- from the air. (Sometimes, instead of working, I'll be googlemapping for hours!)

Besides, I'd rather be crawling over someone to get to the bathroom than have someone crawl over me. That's just the kind of selfish she-dog I am.

After Montreux, we TVG'd to Paris and spent a day there trying to round up little gifts for our respective families, then the evening with friends. I realize that Paris/France probably also has its share of problems but because I love the people we hang out with there, it colors my perception of the city/country. Our friends are fellow travelers, so even though their English is limited and my French is too pitiful to even bother with, we communicate on a deeper level. We're kindred spirits. And when you are with kindred spirits, it feels like "home," doesn't it? I'm going to miss it.

Here are some photos of B's (and now my) favorite street, Rue de Moufftard.

B, being the owner of a bar is rightfully picky about bars, but this is one on Moufftard that he loves. It's so old-timey Parisienne.

It used to be a working class neighborhood but B tells me it's been gentrified with the rising real estate prices. Still, the streets are lined with fabulous food shops!!


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