Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Hill of (Bad?) Beans

I must say, I've been feeling amazingly healthy since I became much stricter about eliminating GMOs from my diet. Everyone seems to be worried about flu season but me.

"So you make your own mayonnaise?" asked Big Dog's sister, incredulously.

Well, why not? First of all, I don't use much mayo since I was never a big fan of the taste or texture, preferring to mix in a little yogurt into things that would normally use mayo. But it's so fast and simple to make your own, you can chose between lemon juice, different vinegars, etc. to suit your taste and most of all, when you do, you KNOW it has no GM soy oil in it. (Check out the ingredient list on Best Foods or Hellman's mayo. Top of the list: soybean oil. From GM soy.) Just make sure you pick the right oil.

I had no idea how bad the stuff is for you, but this article makes it sound horrific. 

If you read the entire article, you'll find out that Dr. Mercola isn't much into soybeans, period. Sad, because it's an important ingredient for me and I know that Japanese people who eat a lot of it have the highest longevity rate in the world. Someone once told me it had to do with all the other ingredients we take with soy. Like sea vegetables. And, as with anything, you shouldn't make one ingredient more prominent than others in your diet.

Variety is also key to healthy eating, so I will continue to have my soy...and carrots and kale and onions and seaweed and grains and........



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