Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Can't Hurry Love

So sang The Supremes, but you can say the same thing about Nature.

I bought a sad looking tuberose bulb back in 2010, potted it and babied it. Absolutely nothing happened for the longest time. No leaves, no nothing.

"That's what I get for being so cheap," I thought. I had miserable results with seedlings I had bought at Home Depot that year. Sure, they were cheap, but when they all die out in a few weeks, it becomes Quite Expensive. I was reminded of Red Adair's famous statement "If you think a pro is expensive, wait til you hire an amateur" and henceforth decided that sometimes it is worth it to pay a little more.

Then, lo and behold! The tuberose grew leaves and finally bloomed last summer, more than 2 years after I had planted that bulb. But, ahh, that heady perfume! It was Battle of the Fragrances inside our greenhouse between the tuberose and the plumeria. I was happy I hadn't given up on my baby, even when it looked Very Dead.

And now I am singing the Motown classic again because...

My first asparagus spear has made its debut!

I planted the first asparagus seeds in early 2011, so I guess they are right on schedule. Wonder how many spears I will ultimately see this year? Guess I will "just have to wait." Love (and asparagus) don't come easy...it's a game of give and take...you can't hurry love...no, you just have to wait...trust, give it time, no matter how long it takes....

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