Friday, July 15, 2011

My Jungle Garden

The others have their gardens so nicely organized. Mama McCain's is tidy, weed-free and nicely labeled with the different varieties of lettuces, onions, squashes and tomatoes. J&R have a huge sprawling garden divided into sections for straight rows of tomatoes, corn, legumes, greens and so on.

My gardens are scattered haphazardly around the ranch, with the biggest one turning into one happy jungle. Nothing is labeled. There is no real plan. But I think it's doing alright.

Because of last year's disappointments with store-bought starters, I started everything from seed this year and it was definitely worth it! We only have to go into town to buy dairy products. Maybe next year, I'll get a goat for milk and cheese!

Sometimes, drunk on pollen, the bees will fall asleep inside the squash blossoms.

Short, stubby and sweet!

Buckwheat for my buckwheat noodles.

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