Thursday, July 14, 2011

Season of The Visitors

Here they come!! Apricots! Peaches! People! When it's Stone Fruit Season at The Ranch, it is also the season of visitors here at The Ranch.....and the Central Coast in general. (We can always spot the out-of-towners at our local markets. They're too happy, or too loud, or too clean.)

We're also getting the furry or feathered visitors, too. Deer are coming back down from the hills (guess our New Age Redneck didn't get them all!), several quail families have taken up residence, the wild turkeys sometimes come through. An owl couple love to perch on our fence post, as does a juvenile hawk. There's a bunny living in one of our gardens and I am praying he/she never finds a mate. If it stays dry enough, the big cats will also start coming down to the creek.

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