Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why I can't blog for a while

I am sorry.

I was working on my post about slack key guitar (I love it!) and Hawaiian music and Makana, a slack key whiz and a beautiful soul who I got to know more on this trip to the Island... then I get an email from my best friend in Tokyo about her mom passing away. Then the next day, another email from a client/friend whose father passed away... and then I flew to LA where I couldn't get online anywhere and just when I got the problem solved, receive another email from my friend's niece telling me he may have weeks, MAYBE DAYS before his body shuts down from the effects of cancer.

He was only supposed to be suffering from back pain! or neck pain! or whatever it was! Now, he's been rescued by his nieces (people with children can not imagine how much we childless adults love our nieces and nephews) and is in a care facility in Berkeley.

I've never been into organized anything in general and organized religion in particular, but a large part of faith is also cultural and so beyond my belief in a "life force" (which I believe is both Divine and divine) I am probably a very good Buddhist who ultimately believes that life is an illusion and all things must pass. We are supposed to experience death and parting stoically, but right now, I just want to hit somebody. I want to break windows. Maybe smash my laptop. Didn't they used to kill messengers of bad news?

I just need some space.

And time.



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