Friday, October 24, 2008

Fencing Deer

Fencing deer... I had to chuckle when I wrote that. It made me think of Bambi and friends wrapped in strange white outfits, gracefully wielding epees. It's no laughing matter at the ranch, though. Previously, the four (sometimes five) dogs kept other wildlife at bay, but humans are not nearly as effective.

"Hey, what happened to all the roses?"
One of the rose bushes around the house, the one with the lovely orange speckled peach blooms, had turned into a flowerless bush.
"I don't know. You clipped them yesterday before I washed the windows?" suggested Big Dog.
"Only the ones right against the window..."

All throughout the day, I kept asking, "I wonder what happened to the roses? Who would have come and clipped them? That is so odd!" until it drove Big Dog crazy.
"I don't care what happened to the roses!!! Don't ask me again!"
But I did. I just had to. And then, after dinner, it suddenly dawned on me.
"Maybe the deer came and ate them!"
"Ate what?"
Obviously Big Dog wasn't as obsessed with The Mystery of the Missing Roses as I was.
"The roses!"
"I don't think it was deer," Big Dog said, skeptically.
"Then what was it?"
"I don't know, but I don't think it was deer."
"You can't just toss away my theory without coming up with another one."

The next day, however, we had a sighting and I was able to say, "Aha! See! It was deer! Seeee?!"
Big Dog saw. He saw that he could actually do something about the deer (unlike the gophers) and began restoring the deer fencing around the house. Now Bambi and Momma will have to go around to the road and come up from the front before they can eat my roses. So far, they haven't bothered.

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