Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Doctor's Office (6th District, Paris)

Big Dog has some kind of disgusting growth on his leg. He claims he got it mowing the waist high lawn at The Ranch. When he first got to Paris, there were a few red dots on his left leg but believing he had stickers or something from the plants under his skin, he broke them open. I think that made it worse. Since then, they've been getting bigger and spreading.

As they grew worse, so did his desire to show them to others and he was constantly pulling up his pant leg. It was gross.

"Please. We're about to eat," I'd say as he pulled down his jeans in front of our hosts in Brittany.

He wanted everyone's advice. He had tried alcohol sterilization in Paris. Then we bought some hydrogen peroxide from a pharmacy near Gare Montparnasse on our way to Brittany. C&S said he should try salt water, so he gave his legs a soak in the Atlantic and then coated the open sores with iodine that S provided. It seemed to get better momentarily, but back in Paris, he exposed himself to B&G and we all decided it was time to see a doctor.

B called around to see if he could find an English speaking doctor who could see Big Dog immediately, but in the end, we walked down to a nice pharmacy on Rue Soufflot. The cute pharmacist took a look at Big Dog's leg, then looked up a doctor who was in the district. A Doctor Medioni, on St. Michel, was just a block or two down from the pharmacy.

When we got to the address, the brass plaque next to the door told us that the doctor saw patients from 11 to 1 and then from 4:30 to 7:30. It was around 3.

"I guess we'll have to come back a little later," I said, just as The Doctor was returning.

"Can you take a look?"

Many of the older buildings have a huge door facing the main street. It leads into a hallway, a courtyard, another alley. The doctor's building was similar, with the door leading into a hallway. He pressed the elevator button and told us to come up to the 3rd floor as he walked up the stairs. The elevator took only 3 people. But when it finally came down to the ground floor and we opened the door, I saw that it would really only take 3 slim people! Barely. I'll bet 50 percent of Americans could not fit into that coffin-sized elevator. 3 of them? No way!

After the elevator ride, the doctor's office was a bit anti-climatic, but it was nothing like the sterile doctor's office in a Japanese clinic. And the most surprising thing was that the doctor was alone! No nurse, no staff, just him and his computer! How efficient! Perhaps it was all that efficiency. The visit cost Big Dog only 40 EU. A little more than $40, a little more than Y4000 for the consultation and prescriptions for antibiotics. Wow. Now, if only that rash would heal...


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