Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some Photos (Latin Quarter, Montparnasse, et al Paris)

Here's B's bar, Le Pantalon. He named it thus because it's close to the Pantheon. A French pun, of sorts.

After taking Hanako, for a walk, B took me and Big Dog through the Jardin du Luxembourg to his favorite fountain.

And then to Montparnasse to meet The Boys -- the French Contingent, our friends from Boracay in the early 80's.

Yoyo went on to live in the Cote D'Ivoire, survived its many coups, and is now running a huge business operation there. Franco has a travel agency in Montparnasse that creates tours for young people.

We got B back to work, finally, then went off on B & G's bicycles to play tourist.

I am drawn to the creepier aspects of religious architecture. The Notre Dame has plenty of them. Sinners being hauled off to hell, demons shoving them into boiling cauldrons...

At night, B&G took us up to the rooftop of his (other) cousin's apartment, one of the highest spots in Paris. Just as we got up there, the Eiffel Tower put on a sparkling, bubbling champagne show of lights -- more bling than J.Lo could handle! Unfortunately digital photography cannot capture its beauty at all. But the Pantheon, next door, is pretty nice in this photo, n'est ce pas?


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